Marine – Scaffolding

Palmer Scaffolding has become Whangarei’s leading Marine Scaffolding service with involvement in a range of projects from anti-fouling the smallest of yachts to the largest Super Yacht refurbishments.

Scaffolding marine vessels is becoming a speciality as we have gained a lot of experience from Fishing Boats, Ferries, Tugs and Super Yachts.

Palmer Scaffolding has provided full encapsulations of Yachts and Ferries for refurbishment where enviormental control i.e. air pressure or protection from the elements, was required.

Another service offered to meet customer demand for marine applications is staircases for access while the vessel is out of the water, this makes internal refurbishments a lot easier being 1.2 metres wide, the stair treads enable easy access to and from the vessel.

Please find below examples of some of the scaffolds for the Marine Industry we have erected.